S.O.L.E. (State of Living Ecclesiastic)

Bangkok, Thailand

S.O.L.E. (State of Living Ecclesiastic) is a Bangkok based Rave n’ Roll Band. It is the solo project of Tritle – lead singer of THE WHITEST CROW.

S.O.L.E. represents the taste of Bangkok teenagers through Thai traditional riffs with a hard electronic style performed in the format of a rock band.

We’ll do any kind of music that makes you move hard and harder!


Rave n’ Roll




  • TRITLE (S.O.L.E.)
  • Live performance members:
    • A.P. – Bass
    • BONUS DEFLA – Guitar
    • DJ.YICKZZ – Synthesizer
    • MIKEY $ENT – Hype Man
    • MR.PROMJART – Drums
    • POM DEFLA – Synthesizer & Drum Machine


  • Notable performances:
    • Mahorasop Music Festival 1
    • Cat Expo 3-6
    • Fungjai LAB 1
    • Bangkok Music City 1-2
    • Rocking the Region (Singapore)
    • Fungjai Borderless 2
    • Future Fest 2020

Contact Information

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