About Us

Southeast Asia is best known to the world for our tropical vacation destinations and our delicious food
– but not our music…

The region is rich with musical cultures, which is mostly seen for its traditional and cultural values; but moreover, our thriving local music scenes consist of all imaginable modern music genres and sub-genres that is virtually invisible to the world
and we want to change that.

ASEAN Music Showcase Festival, or AMS in-short, is Southeast Asia’s first intraregional music showcase festival. Its inaugural edition was organized virtually via live broadcast of pre-recorded performance videos in September 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic as an initiative to help regional artists stay connected with their fanbase; gain new international fans; and look beyond the pandemic and prepare for future export and international touring opportunities by meeting with music business professionals from all over the world via virtual speed meetings. 

With loosening COVID-19 restrictions around the world to make way for economic activities such as live music events and after holding its first two editions purely online, ASEAN Music Showcase Festival (AMS) is going physical with its first in-person showcase happening on Saturday 10 – Sunday 11 September 2022 in Haw Par Villa, an 8.5-hectare Asian cultural park located in the bustling city of Singapore.

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