Weining Hung

Tainan, Taiwan

  • Weining Hung is the co-founder of LUCfest, a three-day showcase festival and conference in Tainan, Taiwan.
  • In the past, she started Gigdiving, a crowdfunding platform aimed at helping musicians acquire funding for going on tours. She initiated “Jaachi”- an event combining music, food, drink, and games from Asia in one night and expanded to multiple European cities.
  • Today, Weining is also in charge of LUCbooking, a booking agency and international management firm for the Asian market with non-conventional methods. Nowadays, she splits her time between Asia and Europe and is passionate about stimulating networking activities and building an Asian music platform.


LUCfest is a showcase festival combined with a music forum that aims to connect with Asia to further the global music industry. Its most recent edition was held between 8-11 November 2019 featuring over 60 artists in more than 10 showcase performances held at 6 different stages around the city. Internationally renowned music artists, record companies, labels, festival curators and media were present at the showcases whom also participated in 8 professional music forums organized during the festival. 

LUCfest Music Festival is designed to bring on different markets and music style. We are dedicated to provide a complete and diverse combination of Asian music, artist creativity and aesthetics. Not only leading the audience to deeply explore the rich energy of Taiwan’s independent music, but also to establish a platform for information and resource exchange between Asian and Western music industry, which will in turn promote Taiwan’s artists to the international stages.


  • Email: hello@lucfest.com

Attending: Physically

Intention(s) of attending:

  • Look for artists and musical talent
  • Connect with other music professionals/delegates, Learn the ropes

Type of Company / Business:

  • Artist Management:
    • Artist Agent
  • Live Show Business:
    • Conference & Showcase Festival
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