We are a subregion of Asia best known to the world for our tropical vacation destinations and our delicious food— but not our music

ASEAN Music Showcase Festival

Southeast Asia is a region rich with musical cultures and thriving local music scenes consisting of all imaginable modern music genres and sub-genres, but is virtually invisible to the world, and we want to change that.

19-21 SEPTEMBER 2020

Virtual Music Showcases

Saturday 19 – Sunday 20 September 2020

Music performances of 20 up-and-coming genre-bending and defying artists from the region will be streamed live for the world to discover.

Virtual Networking Meetings

Monday 21 September 2020

Showcasing artists with their management shall receive the opportunity to virtually meet with international music business professionals who can help take them to the next step in their career.

GMT + 7 (Thailand; Jakarta, Indonesia)

GMT + 8 (Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore)