We are a subregion of Asia best known to the world for our tropical vacation destinations and our delicious food— but not our music, and we want to change that!

What is ASEAN?

‘ASEAN’, which stands for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, is often used interchangeably with Southeast Asia’ in the spoken language of people in the region.

There are currently 10 ASEAN member countries

  • Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), and Laos.

Who are we?

  • The founding members of ASEAN Music Showcase Festival are a group of gig/concert promoters, music festival/conference owners and music community leaders from all over Southeast Asia who meet regularly at music conferences and showcase festivals around the world in the recent years.
  • We are confident in the quality and creativity of our musical talents and want to support their export to the global music market.
  • Seeing the power of showcase festivals in other regions, we want to utilize the format and create a platform to elevate the Southeast Asian music scene onto the world stage.


Satria Ramadhan

Jakarta, Indonesia


Mak Wai Hoo

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Mary Christine ‘MC’ Galang

Manila, Philippines

Ian Urrutia

Manila, Philippines


David Siow


  • Former president of SGMUSO
  • Bassist of M1LDL1FE
  • Music producer under the moniker DSML


Piyapong ‘Py’ Muenprasertdee

Bangkok, Thailand

Pongsiri ‘Tom’ Hetrakul

Bangkok, Thailand